Bruce The Dragon

He’s the champion of the Kung Fu Cubs and leader of the pack. Bruce is passionate about Martial Arts and how it helps children to grow, learn and develop into the best most confident version of themselves which is why he helped found our mini martial arts program!

Bruce is a black belt in Jeet Kune Do which is his name sakes Bruce Lee’s Martial Art system and he loves to teach our Cubs an adapted version of the Chinese style of Kung Fu.

Bruce lives in Halesowen where our first academy began and he loves nothing more than sharing the Kung Fu Cubs message far and wide.

His favourite Cubs game is Ninjas Freeze making sure our Cubs have their ears switched on and show there awesome freezing skills!

Bruce’s motto is Respect and he practices what he preaches, his mission is to teach all our Cubs how to show respect at home, school and when they’re training.

Bruce’s best friends are Tiff the Tiger, Bo the Bear, Syrill the Snake, Carrie the Crane, Mac the Monkey, Lenny the Leopard and Willow the Wolf and together they help us to teach all our Kung Fu Cubs the martial art and life skills they need to be awesome!