Jenny Yorath

My experience of Martial Arts started at the age of 11.  My Dad was a blackbelt in Judo and understood that martial arts didn’t just provide physical benefit but also enabled self-development.  Keen for me to have the means to protect and develop myself he enrolled me in a trial at a Karate club.  Loving the trial, I continued and spent a few years learning the art of Wado Ryu. This experience enabled me to gain strength and confidence and has given me an insight into understanding how inspirational and important learning a martial art can be at a young age. 

As a competitive swimmer, I also represented Brierley Hill swimming club in numerous galas, with an intense swimming schedule, and my GCSE’s pending, regrettably my Karate sessions were put on hold.  This, however, wasn’t to be the end of my martial arts journey…

Entering college, I studied and gained qualifications in A-level anatomy and Physiology and completed training as an aerobics instructor.  I coached in two gyms and progressed to manage a gym. Furthermore, I completed an international qualification in health and beauty and established my own business.  As a natural progression, and with a continued zest for self-improvement, I trained in counselling, enabling me to mentor in primary and high schools.   

My time as a mentor allowed me to understand and help children with their fears, anxieties and insecurities. I also learnt that sometimes, children just need a friendly face to talk to, hence why I passionately believe that Kung Fu Cubs and extra-curricular activities are so beneficial to children’s wellbeing and positive mental attitude.

Through mentoring, I was able to help children overcome the many barriers that they may be faced with during their time at school, as well as seeing them grow into a happier version of themselves. 

When my son was ten, after trying many different extra-curricular activities, he decided that he would like to try some form of Martial Arts. Hence, we found Martial Art Concepts and this is when I got my re-introduction into Martial Arts; whilst watching my son participate, I started reminiscing about my younger years and how I wished that I had continued pursuing my karate journey. However, I had convinced myself that I was too old and possibly too unfit! Nevertheless, after a year of support and encouragement from the MAC team, I finally decided to step onto the mat…

And, it was the best decision ever!

Through MMA I have been able to achieve many personal goals and milestones. One of my greatest achievements was gaining my black belt, and when I achieved that, I felt pure elation! This same elation is what I feel, every time a cub masters a move/drill that I have taught them.

As a continuation of my MAC journey and with my obvious passion and enthusiasm for MMA I was asked to become a MAC coach and a Kung Fu Cubs coach. Furthermore, with the fantastic support structure put in place by the whole of the MAC team, and with continued effort, experience and training I became a Kung Fu Cubs instructor. Moreover, becoming an instructor was yet another one of my greatest achievements, as, to see our Cubs gaining confidence and achieving drills that many juniors may find hard at first, exhilarates me and the whole Kung Fu Cubs team!

A quote I find truly inspiring and very true to my original outlook is by Isabelle Lafleche; “Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up”. 

Don’t let your courage crush your passion. Let your passion, be enthused with courage.