Kelly Bennett

My own personal experience of the Martial Art comes from watching my own shy nervous little boy grow into a confident and competent young man through his own training, we originally brought him along to start training at the age of four as he wouldn’t speak to anyone not even teachers and being an August baby I was really concerned about him starting school just days after his birthday. 

Watching his transformation sparked something in myself to start training and from that grew an idea and a passionate belief that Martial Art changes lives. Achieving my own black belt made me want to share that realisation and passion with other families. 

My own background is in Early Years Education and Child Development having worked in a wide range of settings and seeking multiple further qualifications as part of my own continuous professional development from Makaton sign language and behaviour management to learning through play and development of phonics education. 

It was while working as phonics lead in a pre school I noticed more and more children were falling behind in prime areas of development from speech and language to the physical skills and development needed for writing. As a coach at Martial Art Concepts in my spare time I knew first hand that Martial Art is the secret answer to many of the problems children are facing in our newly technological world especially having seen it in my own children.

Martial Art supports development on so much more than a physical level it gives children the key skills they need be successful life long learners and I wanted to help develop a pre school program that used the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to help children get school ready and in fact life ready in a new and exciting way.

Kung Fu Cubs teaches children to love learning and my favourite part is watching those children who are too frightened to even step on a mat or speak to an instructor grow and flourish into confident little people who truly believe in themselves and their own abilities. I love to see children who are so full of energy they struggle to sit still find somewhere to put that energy that helps them grow their self esteem and realise that not all education comes from sitting at a desk.

My favourite quote is “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn.” Maria Montessori. That’s what the Kung Fu Cubs does. It sparks children’s thirst for growth and achievement and it rewards them continuously long after they’ve grown up.