Matthew Stanford

Like many members of our Martial Art Concepts (MAC) and Kung Fu Cubs family I began training from a very young age and I now have over 15 years’ experience across several of the arts.

I have continually had a great love for the Martial Arts from the moment I joined Martial Arts Concepts in 2005 and have always studied Jeet Kune Do an art founded by Bruce Lee. As a child my training gave me not only great physical attributes, goals and confidence but also the mature mind set to understand common sense is more important than self-defence, a lesson I feel is vital for all students to learn. 

As I grew up, I achieved my 1st , 2nd and 3rd Dan junior blackbelt, I also completed the MAC Assistant Instructor training course which lead on to me completing my Certified Instructor training. I am now a Second Dan Blackbelt and Instructor with extensive teaching experience and I look forward to continuing my Martial Arts Journey in order to learn more, achieve more and stay a part of the ever-growing MAC Family. 

As well as my training within Martial Arts I have studied Child Psychology whilst taking a Psychology degree. This has lead to me developing a better understanding of our Cubs behaviour and a deeper insight into the many benefits that extracurricular activities such as Kung Fu Cubs can provide. 

My favourite part of being a member of the Kung Fu Cubs team is seeing such young people having goals very few of the peers their own age have, the smiles their achievements bring and the pride seen in parents is never a gift to be taken for granted. Through Kung Fu Cubs these little students grow not only in their skills but also their character. A common misconception about Martial Arts is that it only teaches people how to fight, however, it teaches, Respect, Self-control, Humility and Perseverance to name just a few. A quote from Japanese Swordsman Miyamoto Musashi demonstrates this perfectly “The ultimate aim of Martial Arts is not having to use them”.